IP CTS phone lets senior keep in touch

Raya Gladstein discovered she had begun to lose her hearing more than 20 years ago when her children noticed she was having a hard time hearing them. An audiologist confirmed she had developed a profound hearing loss.

Once she discovered IP CTS, a federally supported program which provides captioned phone service to Americans with hearing loss, life changed for Ms. Gladstein, who had found it hard to use the phone.

“I did not have the interaction with my family and friends that the caption service has given me,” she says. “I would not talk to my family very often without the caption service.”

Thanks to the program, the 88-year-old now regularly talks to her family as well as her friends, catching up and planning birthday lunches.

Clear2Connect is a coalition of advocates, providers and interest organizations doing working to preserve the ability of Americans with hearing loss to access IP CTS services. 

IP CTS service is available to Americans with hearing loss for free thanks to a federal program overseen by the Federal Communications Commission. The agency is concerned about the growth in the program, which has become more popular thanks to the growing population of Baby Boomers with hearing loss as well as veterans who have suffered a loss of hearing during their service. The FCC is considering changes to the program which could make it more difficult for people with hearing loss to access this vital service.


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